BrandAsset® Valuator

Y&R’s BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV®) is the world’s leading quantitative study of brands and consumers.

As the largest database of brand perceptions, BAV represents over 56,000 brands across 75 metrics, 51 countries and more than 1.2 million respondents.

For 23 years, BAV has monitored the brand data points that matter to offer unique insights into how brands create momentum, drive consumer passion and become part of an evolving cultural marketplace.

BrandAsset® Valuator (BAV) is the world’s largest brand database created by consumer survey. Since it was developed as a pioneering global brand study in 1993, BAV has been utilized by blue-chip companies around the world and praised by the world’s brand authorities such as Professor David Aaker and Professor Kevin Keller.

BAV diagnoses a brand’s health and provides a prescription for its growth.

Following are key features of BAV:

  1. Global perspective
    BAV has conducted surveys in more than 50 countries.
  2. Time-series perspective
    BAV has periodically conducted surveys since its development in 1993.
  3. Category-free perspective
    BAV surveys and diagnoses a brand beyond its own category.
  4. Future perspective
    BAV grasps future growth potential, not just current status.
  5. Financial perspective
    BAV is related to financial indices such as intangible assets, share price and profitability ratios.

Dentsu Y&R, an official provider of BAV, exclusively provides various services for successful branding to both domestic and international clients here in Japan.


If data gives the facts, eXploring helps construct the story.

eXploring is our proprietary approach to insights through cultural immersion. It takes research from behind the focus group mirror and out into the world to find the simple human truths that connect brands and people.


VideoConnecter is a Dentsu Y&R's original In-Feed-specific DSP to distribute video commercial ads onto the smartphone media platform.
As VideoConnecter can distribute video commercial ads in a unique ad format enabling the ads to match the content of the website where they are placed, it can also provide an opportunity for users to watch video commercial ads naturally as though they are part of the media content.
With 50 billion monthly PV and 200 million UU, VideoConnecter can seamlessly connect domestic and overseas DSPs. By using both pre-roll type ads and the DSP, you can maximize the reach of the video commercial ads very efficiently.


DY&R FILM TRIBE has been formed to respond to various video production needs.
Consisting of experienced staff, DY&R FILM TRIBE plans and produces a wide range of high-quality films
including online movies, product films, short films, campaign films and VR films.