Corporate Data

Corprate data

Company Name
Dentsu Young & Rubicam Inc.
Representative Director
CEO : Nobuaki Kyushima
Head Office
Comodio Shiodome, 2-14-1 Higashi-shimbashi,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8613 » MAP
Phone +81-3-5404-9111
FAX +81-3-5404-9222
125 million yen
160 (as of September 2017)
Board of Directors
Kunihiro Matsushima, Chairman(Non-Executive)
Nobuaki Kyushima, CEO
Michael Atkins, Executive Director
Yasuhiro Iijima, Executive Director
Toshihiro Kawanabe, Executive Director
Tetsuji Hirose, Non-executive Director
Yokoh Yoshii, Non-executive Director
Atsushi Endo, Non-executive Director
Peter Law-Gisiko, Non-executive Director
Marc Sigle, Non-executive Director
Tomoyuki Hirao, Auditor

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In pursuit of new growth potential, many corporations are increasingly focusing on business development in overseas market. There are differences in lifestyle and culture, as well as language, that create barriers which can only be overcome with close collaboration with local resources.

We support our clients in conducting borderless business activities, by utilizing our global network across 90 countries in the world.

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