Campaign Asia主催エージェンシー・オブ・ザ・イヤー・アワード2014 クリエイティブ・オブ・ザ・イヤーを受賞しました/Yuki Fuse won GOLD in the Japan/Korea Creative of the Year Category for Campaign Asia-Pacific Jap

12.15.2014 tokyo | news

キャンペーン・アジア・パシフィック主催エージェンシー・オブ・ザ・イヤー・アワードにおいて、電通Y&R コミュニケーション・プランニング部 布施優樹がクリエイティブ・オブ・ザ・イヤー(日本/韓国地区)を受賞しました。
これは、布施が中心となりプランニングした「BANANA TROPHY」キャンペーン(広告主:株式会社ドール様)が「スパイクス・アジア2014」PR部門グランプリを始めカンヌ・ライオンズやACC賞において受賞・入選したことが高く評価された結果です。

DY&R's Yuki Fuse (Communication Planning Dept.) won Japan/Korea Creative of the Year in the Campaign Asia-Pacific's Agency of the Year Award 2014!
He was highly recognized for his work "BANANA TROPHY" campaign (advertiser: Dole) which won "Spikes Asia 2014" PR Grand Prix, Cannes Lions Media Shortlist and ACC Finalist.

スパイクス アジア 2014 (Spikes Asia 2014) PR部門グランプリ受賞、メディア部門でもゴールドを受賞しました/Dentsu Y&R Tokyo won the 2014 Spikes Asia PR Grand Prix and Media Gold.

10.09.2014 tokyo | news

9月23日から26日、シンガポールで開催されたスパイクス アジア フェスティバル・オブ・クリエーティビティ2014(Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2014)」において、電通Y&Rは「BANANA TROPHY」(広告主:株式会社ドール様)キャンペーンで、PR部門のグランプリを受賞しました。また、同時にメディア部門で金賞、銀賞を受賞した他、デジタル、デザインの2部門においても銅賞を受賞しました。

Spikes Asia Festival of Creativityは、アジア太平洋地域の広告分野における最大級のクリエイティビティの祭典で、22の国と地域から18部門、4,984のエントリー作品があった中、トータルで4部門、5つの受賞となります。


PR グランプリ


金賞 (Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale)

銀賞 (Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising)


銅賞 (User experience )


銅賞 (Promotional Items)

今回の受賞は「カンヌライオンズ 国際クリエイティビティフェスティバル」メディア部門ショートリスト入選に次ぐもので、このキャンペーンは、9月25日に発表された第54回ACC CMフェスティバルのインタラクティブ部門でも、ファイナリストに入選しています。


<スパイクス アジア フェスティバル・オブ・クリエーティビティについて>
Spikes Asia Festival of Creativityは、カンヌライオンズ 国際クリエイティビティ・フェスティバルと、ヘイマーケットメディアグループの協働で運営されているアジア太平洋地域の広告分野における最大級のクリエイティビティの祭典。応募にはアジアで公開されていることが条件であり、18部門からなる。

At the Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity 2014 held in Singapore from September 23 to 26, 2014, Dentsu Y&R Tokyo won PR Grand Prix for BANANA TROPHY campaign (client: Dole Japan, Inc.). At the same time, DY&R won Gold and Silver in Media and Bronze in both Digital and Design.

Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity is one of the biggest creativity festivals in the advertising industry in the Asia and Pacific region. Of 4,984 entries from 22 countries and regions covering 18 categories, Dentsu Y&R Tokyo won a total of 5 awards in 4 categories.

Below are the details of the awards.

PR Grand Prix


Gold (Use of Ambient Media: Small Scale)

Silver (Use of Special Events And Stunt/Live Advertising)


Bronze (User experience )


Bronze (Promotional Items)

These awards were a follow up to the Media Shortlisting at "Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2014", and the campaign was also selected as a finalist for the Interactive Category at the 2014 54th ACC CM Festival announced on September 25.

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< Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity >
Spikes Asia Festival of Creativity is one of the biggest creativity festivals in the advertising industry in the Asia and Pacific region, operated in collaboration with Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity and Haymarket Media Group. There are 18 categories and the conditions of application are that the advertising should have been on public display in Asia.

ジャガー・ランドローバー・ジャパン株式会社/ラグビーワールドカップインターナショナルトロフィーツアー、"The Least Driven Path"キャンペーン/ Jaguar Land Rover Japan Ltd. / Rugby World Cup 2015 (RWC2015)

09.26.2014 tokyo | works

DY&Rでは、ランドローバーがワールドワイドパートナーを務めるラグビーワールドカップ2015 のインターナショナルトロフィーツアー第一弾の運営協力と、ランドローバーの"The Least Driven Path"キャンペーンを実施致しました。

ER2015(England Rugby 2015)はラグビーワールドカップのPRキャンペーンとして、優勝トロフィーWebb Ellis Cupが世界15か国を巡るトロフィーツアーを実施しています。次大会が2019年に日本で開催されることから、日本がこのツアー最初の中継地となりました。

ランドローバーはこのツアーの一環として"The Least Driven Path"というキャンペーンを実施。その走行能力を証明するかのように、かつて人が通ったことのないような険しい道を通ってゴールを目指すもの。DY&Rはトロフィーツアーのコンセプトに合ったゴール地点の選定からオフロードの設計、アンバサダーとの企画調整と運営を行いました。

Dentsu Y&R supported Land Rover in their involvement of the Rugby World Cup Trophy Tour when the Trophy came to Japan in May 2014. The event was held in the build-up to Rugby World Cup 2015 in England of which Jaguar Land Rover serves as a Worldwide Partner.

During the Trophy Tour, the Webb Ellis Cup, the Trophy awarded to the winners of the Tournament, will travel to 15 countries around the world to promote RWC2015. And Japan became the first stop as it will also host the next Rugby World Cup in 2019.

Taking this opportunity, Land Rover through Dentsu Y&R ran "The Least Driven Path" campaign. It aimed to prove Land Rover's excellent driving performance by taking rough unbeaten paths toward the destination. We selected the destination in line with the concept for the Trophy Tour, designed off-road routes, and coordinated the operation with the brand ambassador.

The campaign started when the Trophy touched down in Narita Airport and was handed over to Mr. Daisuke Ohata, a former Japanese national rugby team player and now Land Rover's brand ambassador. The Land Rover car took the Trophy to one of Japan's iconic places, at the foot of Mt. Fuji while overcoming various obstacles such as a heavy downpour and bumpy mountain paths. After finally arriving at Mt. Fuji's observation point, Mr. Ohata and Mr. Shane Williams, a former Wales national rugby player, taught local elementary school children to play rugby. With their smiles, the RWC Trophy Tour successfully ended at the first stop Japan. Dentsu Y&R met all the client objectives and the campaign got wide media and social coverage.

来年イングランドで開催予定のラグビーワールドカップを盛り上げるために、「Webb Ellis Cupをこれまで訪れたことのない場所に連れて行く」というランドローバーならではのミッションを果たします。
Land Rover is committed to taking the Webb Ellis Cup to places it has never been before, as only Land Rover can, to help ER2015 build excitement for Rugby's showpiece event to be held in England next year.

ドール「極撰(GOKUSEN)」バナナ/ バナナ トロフィーin 東京マラソン2014/Dole「GOKUSEN」Banana/ BANANA TROPHY in TOKYO MARATHON 2014

06.23.2014 tokyo | works

Banana Trophy in 東京マラソン2014





その最高峰の舞台で、忘れられない「極撰」の体験をしてもらうために、"世界に1つだけの食べられるトロフィー"、「BANANA TROPHY」を開発。


Dentsu Y&R has planned and executed a promotional campaign for Dole's premium banana brand called "GOKUSEN" for the TOKYO MARATHON 2014 event.

GOKUSEN is Dole's most supreme ranked banana.
And TOKYO MARATHON is the largest and most prestigious marathon race in Japan. Participating in the race itself is an "ultimate" experience for the runners.

So, we aimed to brand the GOKUSEN as the "ultimate banana" both in name and reality, by sponsoring TOKYO MARATHON 2014 and donating 91,000 bananas to the runners.

As most of sponsor companies execute their promotion only by using existing ad space such as runners' bibs or along the course, it is not easy to create an interesting brand campaign within these strict regulations.

In order to offer the runners an unforgettable "ultimate" experience in one of the world's top marathon races, we developed the concept of the "BANANA TROPHY", being the only one edible trophy in the world.
Over 200 selected runners drawn by a lottery received this special trophy which had each runner's name, finish time and congratulatory messages from their Facebook friends printed on the surface of the "GOKUSEN banana".

Comments such as "I did my best to receive the banana trophy" and "It is too precious to eat" were shared with 720,000 people, mainly on Facebook. The total media coverage was worth well over 100 million yen, reaching more than 28 million people despite the zero media cost.

The "GOKUSEN" campaign that linked the product with a real event and the use of social media while giving the runners nutritional support, as well as a sense of accomplishment, made the Media shortlist in the 61st Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in 2014, being picked up by many Japanese and overseas websites as well.

グローバルブランド調査BAVからみたサービスブランドの法則 -"おもてなし"をどのように測定するか/Rules of Service Brands from a "Brand Asset Valuator (BAV)" Perspective, Global Brand Survey - How to measure "Om

06.19.2014 tokyo | news

碩学舎より出版されました『グローバル・ブランディング』(松浦祥子氏:編著、発売元:中央経済社)の中で、弊社コミュニケーション・デザイン局 シニア・パートナー 戸川正憲が共著者として1章を担当いたしました。
本書は、サブタイトルの「モノづくりからブランドづくりへ」が表すように、これからの日本企業は良い製品を作ることと同様に、それを顧客に魅力的なブランドとして伝えていかなければグローバル市場における競争には勝てない、という視点でまとめられています。その中で、Y&Rグループのブランドパワー診断ツールである「BAV:BrandAsset Valuator」を紹介しております。




ナレッジ&IT部 鈴木


In the book "Global Branding" (written and edited by former Professor Shoko Matsuura), Dentsu Y&R's Masanori Togawa, Senior Partner in the Communication Design Division, wrote a chapter as a co-author. As the book's subtitle "Shifting from creating products to branding" suggests, the book is written from a perspective that Japanese companies in the future should not only create good products, but also communicate them as an attractive brand to their customers in order to win the global competition. The book also introduces "BAV: Brand Asset Valuator", a brand power diagnosis tool of Y&R group, which Dentsu Y&R utilizes for our clients.

In the more advanced competitive environment, it has been increasingly important to understand and measure the brand power by a common global metric. Dentsu Y&R's Togawa in the book, focuses on the brand values in the service field, especially the "distribution and retail", and "fast food and restaurant chain" categories, by showing many specific brands in six markets including Japan. In other words, it explains the concept of "Omotenashi" or "Hospitality", which Japanese companies are strong at, by visualizing and measuring it based on BAV data.

Dentsu Y&R's proprietary BAV study has two major characteristics: First, it is a single "global metric" by which we can measure the brand power regardless of country and region. Second, it is "category neutral", independent of any product or service categories. BAV is also conducted every few years by Y&R with over 50,000 brands in 51 countries. In this regard, we believe that the book will offer valuable insights to companies or groups developing or entering new segments or even planning business expansion overseas.

If you are interested in, or have any inquires about the BAV analysis as offered by Dentsu Y&R, please feel free to contact us as below.

Dentsu Y&R
Michael Atkins, Executive Director

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